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If your website goes down, what would that cost you? Money, customers, goodwill? Minimize your risk with AppBeat.

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AppBeat web management application and mobile companion app
AppBeat web management application (left) and mobile companion app (right)

Monitor your service proactively so you can react before it affects your users. No installation required, no software to maintain. We guarantee you best price / performance in the market! Trusted by thousands of happy users.

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Why us? Our monitoring service is highly reliable: effective uptime in 2016 was

This is achieved by using redundant and geographically isolated monitoring clusters combined with globally distributed microservice architecture.

Powerful downtime analysis

Get high-level downtime overview for all your monitored services for any period. By clicking "Details" you can always drill down into your logs.

Powerful downtime analysis

Statistics & Performance charts

For each check you can get performance statistic and chart based on response times for any selected period.

Performance charts

Detailed log analysis

Filter monitoring logs by your own criteria and get detailed information when you need it.

Detailed log analysis

All that you need from your monitoring

Multiple check types

You can currently monitor HTTP(S), HTTP/2, IPv4, IPv6, Ping, SSL, DNS, UDP, TCP, IMAP, POP3, SMTP and run periodical SSH commands. If you have specific need, we can develop custom monitoring agent just for you.

Multi-location monitoring

Our monitoring agents are currently deployed in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia.

Microservice architecture allows us to quickly add new agents and locations to our monitoring pool if needed.

Third-party integrations

Notifications can be sent by Email / SMS or third-party providers. We currently have native support for HipChat, OpsGenie, PagerDuty, Pushover, Slack, StatusPage and powerful dynamic webhook which can be customized with templates to support any provider capable of processing JSON messages.

Public status

Create public status page with status overview and scheduled maintenance to notify your users. You can also get embeddable image links with live service status for your internet or internal intranet-based dashboards.

Industry-standard encryption

We protect the confidentiality of your information - check / monitor settings and other sensitive data is always encrypted on our permanent storage with proven secure hashing and encryption algorithms.

Rule customization

You can customize our default alerting rules with Expression Builder. We give you complete power to define what should be reported to you as error or warning and what should be considered as good.

Noise reduction

Our noise reduction technology will eliminate false alarms. We don't want to interrupt you if it is not necessary!

API support

You can enable API access and call our RESTful web services to get latest status of your system. This allows you to create your own simple monitoring client or better integration with your monitoring systems / dashboards.


Active standby of secondary AppBeat monitor in different geographic region for automatic failover operation. We take your monitoring very seriously!

Quality of service (QoS)

We have reserved monitoring resources for our paid users so we can provide best possible service. This means dedicated CPU and network resources on global scale. For extra fee, we can also offer dedicated monitoring resources for our high-end Enterprise users (reserved only for your organization). Please contact us for details.

Official cross-platform command line tool

You can optionally download our free command line tool for Windows, Linux and Mac. You can use it to quickly add new checks or mass import large number of monitors by creating simple scripts. Some of our users also use it to automatically pause their monitors during scheduled maintenance. For more details please see our "Monitoring automation" section.

Performance and Uptime matters

If you are a business with an online presence, it is important that your website and other online services are available 24/7, all year round. However, all websites have occasional problems and there is a significant risk that you are unaware of these issues.

Poor online availability can become costly both in terms of lost goodwill and lost business opportunities. The Internet is more and more becoming the main point of contact, and if you are not there to be seen, you become invisible. You may be losing your potential customers and even risk losing old ones.

With AppBeat, any problem with your website will be discovered the minute it happens (paid plans) or within five minute period (free plan). You will be immediately alerted so you can take action before it affects your business. You will also be able to see detailed statistics of your website performance, giving you a historical record of all incidents.