World class website monitoring at an affordable price

If your website goes down, what would that cost you? Money, customers, goodwill? Minimize your risk with AppBeat.

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AppBeat web management application and mobile companion app
AppBeat web management application (left) and mobile companion app (right)

Monitor your online service proactively so you can react before it affects your users. No installation required, no software to maintain. We guarantee you best price / performance in the market! Trusted by thousands of happy users.

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What can we monitor?

  • We have native support for periodic website monitoring over HTTP and HTTPS protocols:
    • with granular control over web request creation: you can choose HTTP method (GET, POST, HEAD, ...), HTTP version, IP version, set authentication or use response matching
  • Monitor your web server certificates for validity and send alert before they expire.
  • Listen for periodic ping responses from your server.
  • Check connectivity for arbitrary port using TCP or UDP protocols.
  • Check DNS server entries to see if your addresses resolve correctly.
  • Test your email servers (IMAP, POP3, SMTP).

How do we alert you?

When issue is detected we can automatically alert you by using following notification channels: email, SMS [note], HipChat, OpsGenie, PagerDuty, Pushover, Slack, StatusPage or custom webhook.

Want risk-free trial of our Premium plan?

If our Free plan does not suit you and you would like to test one of our paid plans for quality of service before making purchase decision, we can offer you 14-day risk free trial of our Premium monitoring service.
Simply contact us and tell us which plan would suit you most. We will then provide you 100% risk-free trial.