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AppBeat proactively monitors health of your websites and online services with our global network of probe servers. It notifies you about any unexpected response or downtime so you can quickly resolve problem before it escalates.

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best-in-class reliability • 100% SLA available
AppBeat web management application: live status of your checks and services
Example from our web application where user can quickly see overall service health and all monitored checks at once.

What can we monitor?


Measuring response times and uptime, checking for valid HTTP(S) response.


Never forget to renew your web server certificate with our SSL monitoring.


We will send periodic ping requests to your servers to check if they are alive.


Check connectivity for arbitrary port using TCP or UDP protocols.


Check DNS server entries to see if your addresses are correctly resolved.


Test your email servers with IMAP, POP3 or SMTP protocols.

Engineered for rock-solid reliability

Since launch in 2016, our core monitoring service has effective uptime of 100%. This is of course not a coincidence since one of our main design goals was eliminating single point of failure by:

  • using geographically distributed failover clusters,
  • using high availability and geo-replicated database,
  • having fault tolerant microservice architecture for our monitoring agents.

We are so confident in quality of our service that we offer 100% service-level agreement option for high-end plans.

service uptime • SLA • satisfaction

Monitoring you can trust!

Easy to understand reports

Downtime report for monitored services

Downtime visualisation

Check performance for selected time period

Check graph with statistics

And much more!

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