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AppBeat proactively monitors health of your websites and online services with our global network of probe servers. It notifies you about any unexpected response or downtime so you can quickly resolve problem before it escalates.

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best-in-class reliability • 100% SLA available
AppBeat web management application: live status of your checks and services
Example from our web application where user can quickly see overall service health and all monitored checks at once.

What can we monitor?

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  • Monitor your web server certificates for validity and send alert before they expire.
  • Listen for periodic ping responses from your servers.
  • Check connectivity for arbitrary port using TCP or UDP protocols.
  • Check DNS server entries to see if your addresses resolve correctly.
  • Test your email servers (IMAP, POP3, SMTP).
  • We have native support for periodic website monitoring over HTTP and HTTPS protocols:
    • With granular control over web request creation: you can choose HTTP method (GET, POST, HEAD, ...), HTTP version, IP version, set authentication or use response matching.

How reliable is our monitoring service?

Very reliable! Since its launch in 2016, our core monitoring service has 100% uptime. We achieved this by eliminating single point of failure on all core levels:
  • Using geographically distributed failover clusters.
  • Using high availability and geo-replicated database.
  • Having fault tolerant microservice architecture for our lightweight monitoring agents.
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How does our website monitor alert you?

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When an issue is detected and confirmed from multiple locations we can automatically alert you by using the following notification channels: email, SMS, HipChat, OpsGenie, PagerDuty, Pushover, Slack, StatusPage, Workplace by Facebook or custom webhook for any other provider.

Useful reports & Friendly user interface

Downtime report for monitored services

Downtime visualisation

Check performance for selected time period

Check graph with statistics

Monitoring automation & REST API

Our advanced users can also manage their monitoring service by using our REST API or our cross-platform command line tool (source code available).
API currently allows you to get live system status, list all monitoring resources, pause/resume/delete your monitoring services (groups of checks) or individual checks, and create new periodic checks.
For more information, please check our automation section.

Cross-platform AppBeat Command Line Interface

~ $ dotnet AppBeat.CLI.dll status

  "Good": 100.0,
  "ResponseCreatedUtc": "2016-09-14T07:12:01.6638759Z",
  "Services": [
      "Name": "My Monitored App",
      "Status": "Good",
      "CheckedUtc": "2016-09-14T07:11:31.9981522",
      "Checks": [
          "Name": "My periodic check",
          "Status": "Good",
          "CheckedUtc": "2016-09-14T07:11:31.9981522",
          "IsPaused": false
  "Success": true

~ $ dotnet AppBeat.CLI.dll new-check --type web --url --name MyCheck --interval 300

  "Id": "ac94bd0f7e154acb8779c80ab1c92ba5",
  "Success": true

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